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Something about myself (Pete)
and how I really earn my bread and butter

I have two companies, one in the UK, and one in Italy.

In Italy we are specialized in interactive training of software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Director and Flash.

From the UK we offer dedicated server hosting and web site design services with servers based in the USA.

I also offer direct and very expensive SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) where I optimise web sites for search engines to get them to the top of search results. You probably found this site via a search engine.

[[[ If using the search term 'kromeriz' on almost any world or localized search engine - and if this site is not in the first 3 results - if you do come to Kromeriz - the Slivovitz is on me.
If it is in the first three and you went to check - then the Slivovitz is on you - doubles will do fine thanks.

While you're at it try searching for 'Czech dental treatment' or 'Czech dentists' ]]]


We have also developed various web sites catering to Czech real estate buying by international investors which make good income on Czech Real Estate directory listings and services offered.

Even this site pays for itself by various sponsors (not the dentists) but still remains more of a hobby than a business.

Last but not least ... I'm also a partner and international consultant in a Czech Marketing company.

And ... believe it or not ... I have also started to dabble in real estate and property in Moravia and Donald Trump will soon get fired.
One dental patient bought a house in Kromeriz in July 2006.

So.... as you can guess by now ...
I make more money by sitting in front of my PowerBook for 30 minutes than I could ever make in 2 weeks of taking people to a Czech dentist.

I also happen to be in the comfortable situation where most of my company work runs along by itself or is managed by a few competent people and this leaves me with ample time to dedicate to other more pleasurable matters.
Such as putting together small business ideas concerning the Czech Republic and marketing these or making them work.

Due to this aspect I moved to the Czech Republic in 2002 and divide my time between Kromeriz and Zlin, sometimes Prague too.

I used to have much better things to do than take people to the dentist to increment my income and in most of my spare time I used to train for and play Blackjack at the many casinos available throughout the Czech Republic. (I've given up with Roulette)

I say I used to do all of the above because since 2005 the dental side here has really taken off with an average of 8 to 12 dental patients coming over every month so now, probably one tenth of what I do is dedicated to dental services as explained on this website.

But it is still more pleasure than work and up til now, I have gotten many more advantages from meeting international dental patients than the actual Euro 230 for the organization services which I usually spend with that patient night clubbing or eating out.

Two persons who came over for dental treatment have since become SEO clients of mine.

One other person has got me to do his company website.

Several recent dental visitors are going to buy property over here and one already has.

Another dental visitor has introduced me and my girlfriend to the ridiculous game of golf.

Other visitors have given me best Irish Whiskey or great Italian Grappa as a token of appreciation (although this is not required nor expected).

One visitor came out with some really brilliant marketing ideas concerning the UK and the CZ which are probably going to become reality sooner than I think.

As of end 2006 about 15 ex dental patients with myself include are going to open a pub in Kromeriz.

As the saying goes, do what you enjoy and the harvest will be greater.
Through the dental treatment appointment organization service, I have managed to solve a big problem.
Being of a lazy nature, I no longer have to travel to Prague or elsewhere in Europe or the rest of the world to meet interesting people.
The rest of the world comes to Kromeriz and I have had the pleasure of meeting very interesting people indeed.
From Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Asia etc.

From expert programmers, to Spanish vintners, to South american music PR officionados.

Top wallpaper decorators who have clients like Elton John - the guy who owns Chelsea and Saatchi and Saatchi etc. - I love name dropping if they're BIG.

Pub painters, electronics engineers, marketing big wigs, plumbers, IT specialists, pensioners who just travel the world in their camper, top UK concierge like in best hotel in London, aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft body painters, stewerdesses, pilots, M.O.T. owners, yacht sailors, charity organization employees, teachers, body builders.. etc. etc.

Most of these, probably minus 2 persons in the past 8 years, have all given me food for thought and were in general very nice people and great company for a couple of beers or have just been interesting people whom it was a pleasure to meet and made a change from the locals in Kromeriz or Zlin or the general Czechs that abound in the CZ who as a whole are not so 'cosmopolitan' and interesting (to me at least).

I have also received sincere invitations to stay whenever I want in Scotland, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Austria Spain, Argentina, Alaska.
If I got into my car and travelled around Europe for the next two months I'd save a lot on hotel bills. If I had a plane - and I am about to do my pilot's licence at the Kromeriz airport this year, I could then fly and visit Jonathan in New Zealand, Stephen in Canada and John Dean in Argentina.

Check out this photo gallery to see some past dental patients and what they got up to when in Kromeriz and Zlin for teeth repairs

But I especially get a kick out of seeing the incredulous expression on people's faces when they pay their very cheap Czech dental bills and still can't believe that the 5 crown bridge they needed was done in one week and not in 5 months.

Also, I know from personal and direct experience that having teeth done in Kromeriz (I go to both Kromeriz dentists and also one of those in Zlin myself for my own teeth repairs), and having been to the other dentists many many times with patients and have seen and heard their positive comments - that over here you get top dental treatment under professional dentistry standards with top quality material (worldwide renown implants from Sweden, crowns, fillings, bleaching sets and top up to date dental know-how and technology and instruments) under exceptional hygiene and working standard at ridiculously cheap costs compared to dental treatments available elsewhere in europe. And all this in very in pleasant surroundings.

On the ethical side, as mentioned elsewhere ... I do not sit in some posh London office and intermediate dental patients I will never meet to some foreign dentists I have never been to as most similar dental organization services tend to do.

I actually live in Kromeriz and Zlin, where you may be coming for your dental treatment.
This means I am physically present when you arrive, am present at your dental appointment, am present during your whole stay, can be reached on my mobile 24 hours a day, and so I have to make sure that everything goes as described on this website because I will be dealing with you person to person and can't hide behind some dead phoneline or feable exceuses if you got different services and something was not as you had expected it to be.

Basically I guarantee for the quality of the dentists' work as I myself go to 3 of them and in all about 210 persons have been here in the past two years between the four of our dentists and more keep coming each month.

I also guarantee for the dentists we work with in the sense that they keep to the same price list as on this website, that they offer professional dental treatment as described and am fully aware that intermediating dental treatment means dealing with human beings like myself with worries and uncertainties that we all have.

Personally I'm probably the worst dental patient in all of Moravia being shit scared of dental work, and have even had an implant in April 2005 - so I guess I know what it means going to the dentist and although between myself and the dentists we try to make the experience fun and as pleasant as a dental visit can be for the visiting patients - myself and the dentists do take this all pretty seriously.

Presumably the dental patients who come to Zlin and Kromeriz too get the satisfaction of not having to contribute to a new set of tyres to some Italian, German, UK or Swiss dentist's Porsche.

Furthermore, it's my small way of bringing visitors to the beautiful town of Kromeriz - and now to Zlin.
The local town councils are pretty useless in this aspect.


I'm english, grew up in London and have lived all over the world before settling down in Moravia.

I do my best to pay as less taxes as possible, I drink and smoke and if people behave decently to me they can expect to receive the same.

[[[ For anyone thinking something weird by this time - I have a very nice Czech girlfriend (Carla- see her in some of the funny photos in the dental mental sections ) who you will probably meet when you come over and am not in search of any particular person male or female via our dental services ... but thanks for asking. ]]]




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