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Dental visit accommodation
Aloggi per pazienti
dentistici a Kromeriz

Kromeriz Attic Apartments available for dental treatment patients
for a nice rest, peace and quiet but also very central.

Towns of Southern Moravia

Each attic apartment now has a broadband internet connection.
Feel free to bring your laptop.

This characteristic building in the image on the right is in the center of Kromeriz, at the start of the pedestrian zone, and houses the two attic apartments which are used by our dental patients during their stay in Kromeriz.

The main square of Kromeriz is about a 50 yards down the street to the left and both apartments could not be located more centrally since both the Kromeriz dentists we work with are distant 5 minutes on foot.

Both attic apartments are on the top floor (no one clanking around in high heels at 6 am above you) and a great solution for when we have more patients staying in Kromeriz since they are almost next door neighbours and can - if they like - socialize and exchange tales of dental work over a few beers.
Usually we try to arrange dental visits in such a way that we have at least two dental patients over at the same time.

Both apartments can sleep two person comfortably and after 5 pm the building is locked up as the lawyer's office on the top floor, the hairdresser and nail studio on the lower floors close and basically the dental patients have the whole building for themselves.

Each apartment comes with keys to the front door and to the apartment's door itself.

Each attic apartment is newly furnished and contains:

A fridge bar (the fridge is a kitchen sized fridge) and you will usually find a few botles of beer and wine inside the fridge when you arrive.


Obviously you can do your own shopping but most patients find it very convenient on the day of their arrival to be greeted with a cold beer or cooled white wine and not having to go and find a shop which at 6 pm when most persons arrive from Brno are closed anyway.
And then the next day they go out and do some shopping.

Other than the fridge there is a cooking hot plate - seldom used since food in Kromeriz restaurants is so cheap that you probably won't bother to cook.

An electric water kettle is available for morning tea (tea and coffee are also at hand as is sugar biscuits, tins of Heinz beans, sardines, crisps, peanuts etc etc etc, )

The Attic Apartment One also has a microwave oven and air conditioning for the summer since Attic One has ceiling windows which allow the apartment to get quite warm if the summer is hot but with the air conditioning this is no problem at all.

One recent dental patient kindly bought a new toaster for Attic Two which is there for anyone's use, Attic One will be getting a toaster soon.

Also a variety of books are available some left by past visitors, others added by Pete.

Also installed is the satellite TV with about 150 channels available from car racing to BBC world, Sky News, CNN and even some naughty channels.

And also the broadband internet connections mentioned above and these are plug and play and not plug and pray.

The cost per night is cheaper than an average Kromeriz pension and probably the most important point for anyone staying here is that there is no check-out deadline the day of departure - which is usually at 14.30 back to Brno and as opposed to the Kromeriz b&bs and hotels which will want you to check out by 11 am- in the attic apartments you can check out when you like:

Attic One
One person: Czech Crowns 950
[Euro 34 ] per night

Two persons:
Czech Crowns 1250
[Euro 44] per night

Attic Two
One person: Czech Crowns 900
[Euro 32 ] per night

Two persons:
Czech Crowns 1200
[Euro 42] per night






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Kromeriz apartment

The building where the two attic apartments are situated on the top floor.


And this is the top floor landing where sometimes persons from Attic One and Attic two meet and socialize.


Attic Apartment One

kromeriz apartments to rent

View from the bed angle, kitchen corner, satellite tv, entrance to bathroom


Another view.


The box thing in the center is the air-conditioning


This is the 'sitting room' part


The double bed can't be separated, but if necessary - or even if three persons were to accommodate in Attic One, the sofa next to the bed has an extractable bed which can be used.


The bathroom


The shower corner in the bathroom


Attic Apartment Two

attic flat in Kromeriz

Internal living-bed room of Attic Two.


cheap accommodation Czech republic

Other view with part of double bed.


Here is the double bed in full glory (can be separated if close contact with your visiting friend is not an option)

Funnily - across the street in the window opposite - you will be amazed to see a dental surgery. This is not one of our Kromeriz dentists and only coincidental.


View from living-bedroom of Attic Two into the small hallway (part of the apartment ) where on one side there is the wc.


On the other side is the fridge-bar, shower corner and washbasin.
Plus toaster, heating element and electric kettle.


Wash basin corner


Window view from Attic Two.


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