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Kromeriz Garden Apartment

Garden Apartment
in Kromeriz
Appatramento Giardino
a Kromeriz

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The garden viewed from above

The bedroom viewed from inside

The shower corner

Probably the most useful
when thinking about the next dental session


From Kitchen into Garden

External view

Inside the garden (grill etc)

From Kitchen entrance into garden.
Don't panic.
That is not a nuclear waste deposit bin... just the landlord doing up the engraved tiles and the bin is full of sand.

Another bedroom view


Another another bedroom view

about Kromeriz in english

The nicest lodging in a Kromeriz is our garden apartment.

This now is also reserevd only for our international dental patients coming for dental treatment to the Czech republic

[ we also have 2 Attic Apartments with satellite tv available ]

The garden apartment

The Kromeriz Garden apartment is slap bang in the center of Kromeriz - but then right on the outskirts of the old town streets.

This means that it's about 300 mt from the main town Square yet in the quietest part of Kromeriz as it is at the end of a cul de sac road and the actual apartment. is in the back garden which is adjacent to the Kromeriz Castle gardens.

Basically you are in the heart of old Kromeriz, but think you are miles out in the countryside and whoever lodges here sleep the nearest to the Kromeriz Castle in all of Kromeriz.

At night - dead silence is default.
(in the summer some frogs can be heard from the Castle garden lakes)


Not absolute luxury as far as design and top notch amenities go - but the location is probably the best real estate in all of Kromeriz.

The garden apartment. is made up of 1 bedroom / lounge and 1 separate kitchen with wc and shower facilities.

The Kitchen:
The entrance leads into the kitchen which has a fridge, stove and a wash basin and in one corner the shower corner and to the other side the wc.

The Bedroom:
From the kitchen you enter the bedroom which has 2 beds, a tv and a radio ghetto blaster with cd player.
As you can see from the images to the left the beds are single separate beds but can be placed together to make up a double matrimonial bed.
(Or a large non matrimonial bed if you aren't married to the person with you)

Cooking Facilities and Fridge:
Sure, even small pensions in Kromeriz offer better design and perhaps satellite tv - but you won't find many cooking facilities about and in this garden apartment. you can cook if you wish and have a fridge - which most Kromeriz hotels do not have.

The garden:
You exit the apartment. straight into the garden and you have complete use of this beautiful garden for sunbathing in the summer, skiing in the winter (just joking) or just lounging around enjoying the peaceful nature and greenery and maybe some of the best beer in the world.

Very pleasant to sit in, in the afternoon or later towards the evening sipping a real original Czech Pilsner beer, or some great Moravian wine.
The nearest shop where you can get beer and wine - and general foodstuffs is 50 mt distant.

Usually the garden is empty and since next door we have the Kromeriz Castle gardens, which means no traffic, no noise and almost absolute silence from evening to daytime ... this must be perfect for anyone who appreciates greenery and a bit of peace and quiet.


Peace, quiet and boredom ....or pandemonium ?

If the dolce vita is too quiet for you and it's bars, hospodas (pubs), restaurants, and night clubs that you want - then they are all within 3 minutes walking distance from the Kromeriz garden apartment.

How much does this very nice and intelligent accommodation solution for a Kromeriz dental visit cost per night ?

Czech Crowns 900

Czech Crowns 1200

Kitchen, cooking facilities, garden, and Moravian stars at night inclusive.

If you are coming to Kromeriz for dental treatment then the garden apartment or the two Attic apartments are ideal, so just ask during our e-mailing about the dental treatment details and if available, you will be booked into one of these.

Please note - this really is the quietest part of Kromeriz and we would prefer to avoid having people with loud music tendencies in the middle of the night so if you know that you might want to have wild parties late at night then either have these at the many other night entertainment venues in Kromeriz or book a hotel. Thanks.

informazioni su Kromeriz in Italiano

Appartamento Giardino in Kromeriz

traduzione segue - per ora imparate l'inglese e vedete a fianco. (grazie)



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