Useful dental treatment information to print out

Attention please: to get an exact cost quote according to the actual exchange rate, add up
all the treatment costs you need in Czech Crowns and then check out today's exchange rates at this:
currency converter

Dental treatment costs in Kromeriz / Zlin at a glance:

For full explanation of what each treatment is, means or involves:

General exploratory visit
A panoramic x-ray and analysis,
examination, cost estimate,
dental plan timeline
Cz. Crowns 2.700

Close up Oral X-ray and analysis (one take)
Cz. Crowns 350

Complete head-surround panoramic X-ray
and analysis (both your jawbones and teeth)
If necessary after implants for example
Cz. Crowns 780

Tartar, plaque cleaning and removal.
All teeth:
Cz. Crowns 2.800

Amalgamate filling with local anaesthetic
Cz. Crowns 1.100

Photo composite filling with local anaesthetic
Cz. Crowns 1.460

Simple extraction with local anaesthetic
Cz. Crowns 1.150

Complicated extraction with local anaesthetic
Cz. Crowns 3.600

Root canal treatment - (one root canal)
Cz. Crowns 1.400

Bleaching & cosmetic treatment
Chemical bleaching Process done by patient -
All Teeth:
1 complete bleaching kit plus teeth gloves costs:
Cz. Crowns 5.200
Chemical bleaching done by dentist in 1 session
For One Jaw :
Cz. Crowns 4.500

Laser whitening treatment
20 teeth:
Time needed: 30 minutes
Cz. Crowns 7.000

Periodontal gum disease treatment
One Jaw first session:
Cz. Crowns 3.700
One Jaw further sessions:
Cz. Crowns 1.750

Photocomposit build up - 1 tooth
Cz. Crowns 2.750

Metal Ceramic Crown
1 tooth Crown
Cz. Crowns 8.800

Full Ceramic Crowns (Porcelain)
1 tooth Crown
Cz. Crowns 11.950

Temporary resinal bridge or single teeth
1 resinal tooth: Cz. Crowns 780
A temporary resinal bridge of up to 6 teeth:
Cz. Crowns 2.200
A temporary resinal bridge of more than 6 teeth:
Cz. Crowns 4.400

Dental inlays - metal or glass fibre pins inserted into teeth roots :
One glass fiber or one metal inlay:
Cz. Crowns 2.150

Metal ceramic Bridge components:
Supporting main crowns :
Cz. Crowns 8.800
Intermittent crowns - member of a bridge:
Cz. Crowns 6.600
Prosthesis (Dentures )
Cz. Crowns 10.500

Partial Prosthesis (partial dentures)
Cz. Crowns 10.500

Anti - Bruxism protection
Cz. Crowns 2.220

Porcelain veneers - dental veneers
One veneer ( for one tooth)
Cz. Crowns 8.900

Dental Implants with complete crown
... one implant (one tooth)
This includes surgery, the titanium bolt, cover screw, healing abutment, final abutment and the ceramic topping crown.
Cz. Crowns 42.460

Dental Implants separate components - if used for a bridge or similar
Implant bolt, topping screw and healing abutment:
Cz. crowns 23.600
Final abutment
Cz. crowns 8.900

Full component overdenture bridge.
Czech Crowns 97.800

Complete jaw of teeth where no teeth were before.
If one needs a whole jaw of teeth, with for example 6 implants, and on these a 10 or 12 teeth full component overdenture bridge.
Cz. crowns 239.400

Temporary dentures after implantation made from your old dentures so that they screw onto implants:
Czech Crowns 14.100

New temporary dentures for after implantation so that they screw onto implants:
Czech Crowns 20.950

Sinus Lift / Bone graft cost:
Cz. crowns 14.900

Temporary Crown for same day loaded implants.
Cz. Crowns 2.750

Extra week-end charge for Saturday and Sunday dental treatment.
Czech Crowns 3.800
for each week-end day of dental treatment.

Dental Treatment appointment organization fee

Dental treatment appointment organization fee:
Czech Crowns 6.800

If you need to come back for further visits several
months later, then each time you then pay a
nominal fee of
Czech Crowns 1.800

This includes then any future appointment
organization with the dentist, arrival organization
assistance etc.

If you come in a group, for example two persons.
then the organization fee is
Czech Crowns 10.100
three persons
Czech Crowns 14.200
and 4 persons
Czech Crowns 17.500

This fee is payable after your first visit to the dentist during which you get a panoramic x-ray, a detailed examination, the dentist along with you prepares the dental treatment plan, the timeline within which to do the treatment and you get a very accurate cost quote for all the treatment to be done (same as our price list on this website but personalized for your needed treatment).

If you are by any chance not satisfied, or have a change of mind, and decide not to have any treatment after this first examination - you don't pay the organizational fee.

The organization fee is payable in Czech Crowns or the corresponding exchange rate amount on that day in whatever currency is easier for you

How to get to Kromeriz or Zlin

1] Stansted to Brno
The best, most hassle-free, comfortable and
probably cheapest option is to fly into Brno airport
from Stansted airport (UK) with

Go to Ryanair's web site and try and find the airport
nearest to you from where you can either fly Ryanair
to Brno, or fly to Stansted from where you are and
then from there to Brno where our taxi driver will pick you up and bring you to Kromeriz or Zlin.

Many dental patients from Ireland and Scotland
have chosen to fly to Stansted from either Dublin
or Glasgow and then with Ryanair to Brno.

Others have flown from the UK to Munich and from there to Brno, others to Bratislava or Vienna and then either via taxi or public transport to Kromeriz

2] Fly to Vienna and get
picked up by our driver.

This is cheaper than being picked up in Prague by
taxi as Vienna is 100 km nearer to Kromeriz / Zlin
than Prague.
The problem is that flights to Vienna are more
expensive than to Brno.
Getting from Vienna to Kromeriz / Zlin via public
transport is as problematic as from Prague
(see next paragraph) with the addition that here
you also have to deal with Austrian asshole
public transport personnel and if you don't
speak German you're F***** from the word go.

5] Fly to Prague and then use
public transport to get to Kromeriz or Zlin

This is not as good as it may sound and if you have the choice of doing 4 hours by train or bus to get to Stansted, or even pay more to fly to Stansted and then to Brno, these are all better options than arriving in Prague and then getting from there to here by bus or train.

This because public transport in the Czech Republic, although probably the best public transport in Europe as it is cheap, clean, safe and punctual has a small but noticeable hitch.
The problem is that most train / bus station ticket counter employees - or information kiosk personnel are pretty unhelpful when it comes to dealing with people who don't speak Czech.

So you'd be much better off getting to Stansted and flying to Brno where you may get picked up by our taxi driver Mr Lehky who will then drive you to the front door of your accommodation in Kromeriz or Zlin.

Also, 99% of people arriving in Prague usually arrive in the evening and get to Kromeriz at 1 am if coming by taxi or 5 am if using public transport.

If you must insist in flying into Prague first and then trying the public transport then our advice is to stay the night in Prague in a hotel and then get to Kromeriz the next day.

3] Fly to Prague and get
picked up by our driver.

It will never cease to amaze me (Pete), that dental
patients who come over here and save an absolute
fortune in teeth repairs, many save an average of
four thousand pounds sterling and even more, when they're done as opposed to UK dental costs, and then they worry about spending a few euro in getting here in style and without hassle.
Although not the cheapest option, getting picked
up at Prague airport by our taxi driver Mr. Lehky
is really a sensible option and a good and
comfortable way to start your dental holiday.
[ scroll up to point 4 on the right ]

4] Fly to Bratislava in Slovakia
and picked up by our driver.

Bratislava is a 2 hour drive from Kromeriz and is well connected to most European destinations.
Infact there are direct flights from Dublin to Bratislava


6] Get to Kromeriz from wherever you arrive in the CZ by public transport.
All right, so you're of the adventurous type, and don't see why you should spend more on a taxi when buses and trains in the Czech Republic are dirt cheap.
4 out of 5 people going for this option have regretted it.
But who are we to teach you what you want to learn first hand.
Here is a useful link to Czech Train and buses transport services.
Either click the bus or train icon, insert the departure town (Prague or Praha for example)
then insert the destination town -
For Kromeriz, insert Kromeriz if using busses or Hulin if using trains (5 km from Kromeriz)
For Zlin insert Zlin if using buses, or Otrokovice if using trains (10 km from Zlin center)
Czech Train and buses timetables and costs
[ ]

An intelligent option is to get to Brno by public transport - probably train (if arriving in Prague) and then get picked up by taxi. This cuts down your train changing times and bother by about two hours.

The last direct bus from Prague to Kromeriz leaves from Prague at around 19:00 pm.

If you arrive in Prague - Moving around in Prague from airport to train or bus station

1] Which Prague taxi service to use
The only taxi service to use in Prague is the
AAA taxi service.
These have a large triple A printed on their sides.

AAA Taxi phone numbers:
Presumably you will have a roaming activated
mobile phone so you will be making an
international call
00420 - 2 331 133 11
00420 - 602 331 133

AAA taxis do not have a stand right outside
Prague airport but are stationed about 300
yards from the airport building.
The way to get an AAA taxi to pick you up is
to phone them up, tell them you are at the
airport and need a taxi.
You will be put on hold so don't hang up,
and then sooner or later you'll get a message
saying ' in 3 minutes car number 123 will be
arriving' or similar.
Now start walking towards exit D of the
airport building.
Your arrivals exit gate is zone B and you
need to walk inside the airport building hall,
after you have come out of the inside arrivals
section and search for Exit D.
Once you exit at exit D cross the three lanes
in front of you and you arrive at the 10 minute
car park (right in front of the Exit D doors about
40 yards) where at the entry to this car park
the AAA taxi will arrive to pick you up.
[ scroll up to section 2 on the right ]

2] Prague taxi costs
The average price of an AAA taxi ride from Prague airport to the main Prague train station is Czech Crowns 460

Other taxis who may offer you a ride will charge you anything from Euro 20 to your guess is as good as mine - depending on how gullible you look.

So if you do get offered a ride by a taxi driver as you exit the airport then tell him that you will give him 500 Czech Crowns and if he accept then you've got a decent taxi ride.

AAA taxis are one of the few Prague taxis that turn on their taximeter, and have fair prices

Here are the names of the various places that you might have to get to:

Prague airport : Letiste Ruzyne( Airport Ruzyne )
Ruzyne is like Heathrow = name of area but also of the airport

Main Prague train station:
Hlavni Nadrazi Wilsonowa (main station Wilsonowa) Wilsonowa is both a street name and the name of the station.

One of the Prague bus stations:
Nadrazi Florenc (station Florenc)


Taxi / car airport pickup costs - and other taxi ride rates.
[ Our taxi driver Mr Lehky coming to pick you up. ]

These rates include: waiting hours for delayed flights, stopping on the motorway for food and drink,
driving safely, being at your complete assistance and 100% reliability

Brno, Prague and Vienna
airports to Kromeriz or Zlin

Brno Airport to Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 1.650

Brno Airport to Zlin
Czech Crowns: 2.400

Prague Airport to Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 5.100

Prague Airport to Zlin
Czech Crowns: 5.800

Vienna Airport to Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 4.500

Vienna Airport to Zlin
Czech Crowns: 5.200

These prices include a reasonable waiting
time by the driver as in flight delays or similar.
Any waiting time over 2 hours will be charged extra
at Czech Crowns 150 for each hour.

If you know your flight is delayed by an hour or more phone Pete who will advise the taxi driver.

It is much much cheaper to get picked up at one of the mentioned airports by our driver who has to get there than booking one of the Brno, Prague (god forbid) or Vienna taxi drivers who will take you to the cleaners. .

General moving around in
a taxi costs when you are here

Kromeriz to Krakow in Poland to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp. This is a full day trip in all - about 10 houts all inclusive
Czech Crowns: 5.800

Kromeriz to Zlin and back
Czech Crowns: 850

Kromeriz to Zlin Brezuvky Night Club and back
Czech Crowns: 1.500

Kromeriz to Prerov Night Club and back
Czech Crowns: 900

In and around Kromeriz
Czech Crowns: 60

In and around Zlin
Czech Crowns: 100

In the Kromeriz / Zlin area, the driver can take you to clubs, restaurants and sightseeing and for any time he has to hang around waiting the cost is Czech Crowns 150 per hour

Quite a few people have gone on a one day trip from Kromeriz to Vienna and the whole trip, there and back inclusive 4 hours waiting time comes to:
Czech Crowns: 5.300
If divided between two or three persons this is a cheap way to visit Vienna.


You are not expected to tip the driver anything - but obviously it would be nice if you did.

Accommodation in Kromeriz or Zlin

Accommodation in Kromeriz.

In Kromeriz we now have two very nice attic apartments and one garden apartment available for our dental patients.
The attic apartments have satellite tv (in english too - Sky, BBC world etc)
All apartments have cooking facilities, fridge etc, and are super clean and very comfortable.
There is no checking out hour on your day of departure so you are not thrown out by 10 am as you would be in Kromeriz pensions or hotels.

All apartments are independent, very secluded but bang in the center of Kromeriz and about 5 minutes walk to both Kromeriz dentists.

Costs per night:

Garden Apartment - has garden
One person:
Czech Crowns 900
Two persons:
Czech Crowns 1200

Attic One - has internet & sat tv
One person:
Czech Crowns 950 per night
Two persons:
Czech Crowns 1350 per night

Attic Two - has internet & sat tv
One person:
Czech Crowns 900 per night
Two persons:
Czech Crowns 1200 per night

You can smoke in all our apartments and as opposed to most Kromeriz hotels - take company or friends back for a glass of wine if so inclined.

If the apartments are booked up or for some strange reason you really would prefer the local hotels - these start at around 900 Crowns per night per person (2 persons 1350 crowns and we can book you into one.

[ scroll up to the Kromeriz Hotels section
on the right ]

Kromeriz Hotels

If you would like to be booked into a local hotel, mostly B&Bs, we can book you into one of several which have been tried and tested by quite a few of our dental visitors and which we feel we can recommend.

Accommodation in Zlin

In Zlin for the time being we book patients into a very nice Hotel, pretty central and 5 minutes walk from both Zlin dentists.

Costs start from 1000 Crowns / Euro 38 per night per person .

The hotel has some satellite channels (cnn and german channels) the rooms are clean and the restaurant is open from 7 am to 22 pm and serves great food at absurdly low prices - including Pilsner beer which is the best Czech if not worldwide beer in production,


You can smoke in the rooms (but not sleep in the ashtrays)

Money exchange

One clever dick recently turned up here with no czech cash at all and his ATM card did not work.
And this was someone who traveled the world !!!
He then blamed this website where he read to change money in Kromeriz only.

So the very same paragraph that he should have read has now been boldened but not changed:
Getting to Kromeriz or Zlin from your arrival airport and for your first evening over here all you need is the Euro amount (or pounds or other currency equivalent) to pay the taxi driver.

Then probably about 10 Euro worth of
Czech crowns for your first evening with
which you can pay for beer, Slivovitz and food.

So either you make sure your ATM card works and pay the taxi driver after you get some cash out of the wall, or you can pay him in Pounds, Euro etc.

But since arrivals from Brno here are after the exchange kiosks and banks have closed, you either use the ATM card to get about 10 Euros worth of czech crowns, or you bring about 300 Czech crowns with you so that you can buy yourself a meal and some beers on your first evening here.

Any other Czech Crowns you may need - to pay
your accommodation, the dentist, shopping,
entertainment etc - we suggest you change
at the local exchange kiosk where Pete makes
sure you get a better rate than they offer publicly.
This because changing locally will get you a
MUCH better rate that changing in the UK
or your own country, better than changing
at the airport or even in Brno.

For example, in November 2005 someone changed 2000 pounds sterling in the UK for Czech crowns at a rate of 40 crowns to 1 Pound Sterling and he got
80.000 Czech Crowns.
If he had changed in Kromeriz at the rate of that time which was 42 Czech crowns to the pound he would have gotten 84.000 Czech crowns which is a difference of 4000 Czech crowns : equivalent to Euro 137. or 100 pounds.
For 137 Euro or 100 pounds you can do / buy a lot in Kromeriz or Zlin so don't throw your money away through crummy exchange rates.
Doing it this way though means bringing cash with you but if you're not naive and hide it in your socks whilst traveling - then you will be ok.

Other options that people have used to change money:
Travelers Cheques
Holes in the wall (bancomats)

Useful Information in a nutshell

Our e-mail:

Our website in case you forgot:

Pete's direct mobile phone:
00420 - 606 890 501

Where we and the dentists are:
Kromeriz / Zlin
Moravia (eastern Czech Republic)
about 200 km from Vienna,
300 km from Prague

Ryanair website:
Easyjet Website:

Czech Train and buses timetables and costs
[ ]

Mobile Phones:
Don't forget to get accurate information from your mobile network operator if your mobile phone has roaming
activated (that you can use it abroad) and that you have enough credit on it to be able to make at least a few
phone calls whilst you're arriving - you might need to get in touch with Pete due to flight delays, getting lost or
whatever other implausible but possible reason whilst arriving. Or Pete may need to contact you.

NEW   :::::

We now have a uk based hotline which you can phone 24 / 7 for
any information you may need concerning dental treatment in the Czech Republic,
and either speak to our operator or leave a voicemail with
your phone nr. and name and we will phone you back within 4 hours.

If dialing from the UK :
020 8144 5875
If dialing from
outside the UK :
0044 20 8144 5875

Pete's mobile :
00420 606 890 501

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