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Urgent treatments
Programed Treatments
crowned teeth,
metalceramic bridges
paradontosis treatment
plaque removal
cosmetic dental treatment
total dental reconstructure;
treatment by experienced dental surgeon and professional odonotechnician.
All work done in
compressed time span,
First class quality materials
Top European standards.



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Interventi urgenti;
Interventi programmati;
denti incapsulati,
ponti di metalceramica,
trattamento paradontosi
rimozione placca
trattamento dentale cosmetico
ricostruzioni totali di dentatura,
assistenza del medico di provata professionalità, collaborazione di un ottimo odontotecnico,
tempi brevi
materiali di prima qualità livello europe


Dental treatment in Kromeriz ?

Latest news on dental treatment in the Czech Republic.



dental treatment abroad



This website was mostly created for pleasure and hobby since we, the creators of kromeriz.biz, started going to Kromeriz mainly to get our teeth repaired and to spend a few peaceful days there.

Then our friends from Italy and the UK started coming to Kromeriz to get their teeth repaired too, and we then began to receive requests from people from all over the globe who found this site through web searches and so we thought it a pitty not to tell the world and have since then expanded our 'teeth pages'

Having experienced various european dentists in Germany, Spain, Uk, Italy, Switzerland and also those of the Czech Republic, we and have found most to be pretty good.

A good dentist is a good dentist in most civilized countries.

But each good dentist has his good or exaggerated price.

Czech dentist work under equal if not above most european and worldwide standards with an important difference. If you have teeth problems and have been quoted a fortune by your local dentist for the work to be done and done in a longer time period - then you might consider a trip to Kromeriz.

Pete first came to Kromeriz in 1998 with his girlfriend Simona to visit some friends and during their stay they took the opportunity to visit a dentist for a simple check up and a cost quote for some work both knew would have to be done sooner or later on their teeth.
Pete and Simona were then living in Italy and were dreading not only the work they needed done - but especially the Italian dental costs.

The result of the Kromeriz dental exploratory visit was an extended stay to 11 days during which both Pete and Simona visited the dentist almost twice a day - each and every day - to have the 'work' done in record time and at very accessible costs.

Between the two of them they had:
4 porcelain crowns,
2 reconstructed teeth,
9 fillings,
plaque removal,
partial paradontosis gum cleaning
teeth polishing.

Elsewhere in Europe the time needed for all this drilling and filling would have been at least 3 months (UK) to 1 year (Italy) and the avarage cost for example in Italy for this work would have been around Euro 4000 upwards.

In Kromeriz this was all done in 11 days and the overall cost came to Euro 600.
Lock, stock and new teeth.

Recently someone had work done in Kromeriz which basically involved reconstructing all the upper teeth with implants (riveting base structure to the jaw bone) to hold the new metalceramic implantation and teeth structure.
This came to cost Euro 4000.

Elsewhere in Europe a similar 'job' would have cost around Euro 20.000.

We're talking about dentists who work according to and uphold top European standards.

Czech dentists operate under stringent, top European and worldwide standards and are easily compared to USA, German, British, Spanish, Italian and Swiss dentists in all aspects - apart from the costs.

The main difference in fact is the cost and the time needed to have dental repairs done. For a fraction of the price in a much shorter time span - in Kromeriz you can have your teeth repaired, or have implants or more complicated work done in Prague, whilst enjoying a short holiday and saving a fortune in dental bills.

The money and bother you will save are unequaled anywhere else.

Before you read any further - please read and digest the next paragraph as this involves a change in dental services offered in Kromeriz starting as of January 2005.

The Kromeriz dental practice will now only undertake the following dental treatments:
• Crown / ceramic
• Faceted Crown
• Root / canal treatment
• Bleaching / cosmetic treatment,
• Amalgamate filling with local anaesthetic
• Photocomposit filling with local anaesthetic
• Dental veneers / porcelain veneers
• Simple extraction
with local anaesthetic
• Prothesis (False teeth),
• Partial Prothesis (partial false teeth)
• Paradonthosis treatment
• Anti - Bruxism protection
• General exploratory visit
• Plaque cleaning and removal
• Oral X-ray and analisys

For implantation and more complex work we now put visitors of this site interested in such dental treatments in contact with a Prague dental surgery.

The Prague dental surgeons can undertake the following dental treatments:
dental Implants (Branemark system)
• surgery
• bone graft
• sinus lifting
• transplantation of the mandibular nerve

The reason why the dental praxis in Kromeriz no longer accepts patients through our services for implantation or any complex dental treatment but only for the standard services as described above is very simple.

Kromeriz is so near to Austria (190 km from Vienna) and recently Austrians also discovered that dental treatment in Kromeriz if 5 times cheaper than in Austria.

Due to this the Kromeriz dentist is now overwhelmed with Austrian patients who have no problem in coming over for an initial exploratory visit for implants and such.

This is much easier for the dentist to be able to first examine and decide what and how to do implants than with patients flying all the way from the UK so they prefer to deal with directly arriving patients.


So if you need anything but implants or complex dental treatment you can still book the Kromeriz dentist through our service.

But for implants etc - we now use a Prague dental surgery.

But before you now think that Prague may be even better than Kromeriz as far as costs go...

A small distincion between Prague and Kromeriz dentists should however be stated.

Prague is an economical island in it's own right inside the Czech Republic and the average wage in Prague is 150% of the average wage elsewhere in the Czech Republic.
Hence even standard dental treatment costs more in Prague if compared to elsewhere - like to Kromeriz.

So for any international patients looking to get dental work done via these pages - for implants and other complicated surgery, Prague is the only viable option due to the fact that for such services several visits may be necessary and require specialist dental surgeons with absolute competence and equipment for such treatments.
Not as cheap as the rest of general dental work done outside of Prague, but still much cheaper than if done in the UK, USA, Germany or Italy

Advanced dental treatment services such as implants and complicated dental surgery are done in Prague because having such treatment done is much more serious than getting a simple filling and the dental surgery in Prague offers the best facilities for such tretments and they speak english.
Also Prgaue is easier to reach as with implant several visits are required.

Please bear in mind then that the dental services described in the following sections on this site fall into two categories:

1 - most standard dental work done in Kromeriz

2 - complicated dental services such as implantology, surgery, bone graft, sinus lifting, transplantation of the mandibular nerve done in Prague

In both cases, cheaper than elsewhere especially the standard dentistry done in Kromeriz.

Why is general dental work so professional but then still so cheap in the Czech Republic ?

It's professional because if the comunists were good at one thing - it was providing top medical services to the people. This aspect has gotten even more professional since the comrades got thrown out in 1989 and in the last 15 years the Czech dental service have caught up to match if not better all the latest technology available elsewhere like in the USA and rest of Europe.

Cheap ?
Actually it's not that it's cheap - it's just that these are the local rates.

Someone such as a teacher in Kromeriz, who makes about Euro 350 a month can't be expected to pay Euro 700 for a single porcelain crown can they ?
International patients pay local prices.

How can you get your teeth repaired in Kromeriz ?
You could just turn up on your own in Kromeriz, find a dentist and hope he can fit you in but we do suggest having someone who speaks Czech with you and in getting an appointment and cost quote well in advance.

The same applies to Prague.

Just turning up is NOT ADVISABLE.
Simply because like other European dentists, Czech dentists have their appointment schedules which are pretty tight and just turning up after coming all the way from Australia to only be told to come back in 6 weeks would be a shame.

The correct procedure in getting an appointment in Kromeriz or in Prague with the dentist and eventually having dental treatment done is as follows:

First of all check out the dental services and price list:
Price list of dental services

Read the FAQ page.
If you don't read the FAQ page and do not follow the procedure described you will not receive a reply from Pete concerning any request you might have made.

Please note - we the creators of this website DO NOT get any comission either from the dentist, nor from the patient for any dental treatment done either in Prague or Kromeriz.

Pete and Pavla (Pavla speaks various languages and helps out when Pete is unavailable), offer dental appointment booking assistance and interpreting services which are seperate from the actual dental work done for which you pay the dentists directly.

As stated above, we know from personal and direct experience that having teeth done in Kromeriz under professional dentistry standards one receives top quality material (crowns, fillings, implants) under exceptional hygene and working standard at ridicolously cheap costs compared to dentistic treatments available elsewhere in europe. And all this in very in pleasant surroundings.

You also get the satisfaction of not contributing to a new set of tyres to some Italian, German or Dutch dentist's Porsche.

Also, it's our small way of bringing visitors to the beautiful town of Kromeriz.
The town council are pretty useless in this aspect.

Dental services descriprion and price list

dentistico a Kromeriz ?

Ultime notizie sul trattamento dentistico nella Repubblica Ceca





Questo sito era principalmente stato creato per piacere e per hobby ma dato che noi, i creatori di kromeriz.biz abbiamo iniziato a venire a Kromeriz per farci riparare i nostri denti e per passare qualche giorno tranquillo qui - ci sembrava un peccato tenerci questo segreto solo per noi.

Abbiamo potuto sperimentare (sfortunatamente) vari dentisti in molti paesi europei, Germania, Inghilterra, Italia, Svizzera, Spagna e quellli in Rep. Ceca e li abbiamo trovati tutti piuttosto buoni.

I dentisti Cechi lavorano sotto uguali se non migliori standard europei e mondiali ma con una importante differenza.
Se voi avete problemi di denti ed il vostro dentista vi ha fatto un preventivo astronomico per i lavori da fare, con tempi lunghi - allora potreste valutare una visita a Kromeriz...

Pete è prima venuto a Kromeriz nel 1998 con la sua ragazza Simona per visitare alcuni amici e durante questa visita hanno trovato l'occasione di visitare un dentista per un semplice controllo e per farsi fare un eventuale preventivo per alcuni 'lavoretti' che entrambi sapevano che prima o poi bisognarebbe fare sui propri denti.

Il risultato era una visita estesa a 11 giorni dove entrambi Pete e Simona hanno visitato il dentista quasi due volte al giorno durante questa permanenza per farsi riparare i denti.

In tutto i lavori fatti erano:
4 capsule di porcelana,
2 denti ricostruiti
9 otturazioni
rimozzione della placca
parziale pulitura paradontosistica delle gingive
luccidura generica.

Altrove in Europa i tempi necessari per fare tutto questo sarebbero di almeno 3 mesi (UK) fino a 1 anno (Italia) ed il costo medio per esempio in Italia sarebbe stato di Euro 4000 in su.

A Kromeriz questo era tutto completato in 11 giorni e venne a costare Euro 600.

Recentemente a Kromeriz, qualcuno si è fatto fare una completa ricostruzione del intero piano superiore dei suoi denti con perni di acciaio impiantati nell'osso della mascella superiore per poi mantenere la struttura del ponte di metalceramica.
Questo gli costò Euro 4000.

Altrove in Europa il costo sarebbe di circa Euro 20.000.

Stiamo parlando di dentisti i quali operano sotto le norme più stringenti e controllati in Europa.

I dentisti Cechi operano sotto norme e criteri mondiali ed europei paragonabili con dentisti USA, Tedeschi, Inglesi, Spagnioli, Italiani e Svizzeri.

La differenza principale sta nei costi e nei tempi necessari per farsi riparare i denti.
Per una frazione del costo e del tempo - a Kromeriz potete farvi riparare i denti, lavori di impianti o lavori più complicati eseguiti mentre che vi godete una breve vacanza e risparmiate una barca di soldi.

I soldi e fastidio che risparmierete non hanno paragoni altrove.

Perchè il lavoro dentistico è così professionale ma allo stesso tempo costa così poco nella Repubblica Ceca ?

E' professionale perchè se i comunisti erano bravi in una singola cosa - erano i servizi sanitari offerti al popolo. Questo aspetto è diventato ancora più professionale da quando i comunisti sono stati mandati via nel 1989 e nei ultimi 14 anni i servizi dentistici Cechi hanno raggiunto gli standard professionali con tutto delle nuove tecnologie disponibili altrove come negli USA e nel resto dell'Europa.

Costa poco ?
Veramente non è che costa poco - è solo che questi sono i costi da queste parti.

Qualcuno come un insegnante di Kromeriz che guadagna ca Euro 350 al mese non può permettersi di pagare Euro 700 per una singola capsula di porcelana ... vi pare ?
Pazienti internazionali pagano tariffe locali.

Come farsi riparare i denti a Kromeriz ?
Potreste arrivare a Kromeriz da soli, trovare un dentista e sperare che lui trova uno spazio per voi ma noi suggeriamo di avere con voi qualcuno che parla il Ceco e di procurarvi un appuntamento ed anche un preventivo in anticipo della vostra visita.

Ma arrivare senza appuntamento NON E' CONSIGLIABILE.
Semplicemente perchè come altri dentisti Europei, i dentisti Cechi hanno le loro tabelle di appuntamenti i quali sono piuttosto stretti ed arrivare da Italia senza appuntamento per sentirsi dire di ritornare fra 6 settimane sarebbe un peccato.

La corretta procedura per ottenere un appuntamento col dentista a Kromeris è come segue:

Consultate il listino prezzi dei servizi dentistici:
Listino prezzi servizi dentistici

Leggete la pagina degli FAQ.
Se non leggete la pagina degli FAQ e non seguite la procedura descritta non riceverete risposta da Pavla a riguardo qualsiasi vostra richiesta.

Notare Bene - noi, i creatori di questo sito NON OTTENIAMO nessuna comissione ne dal dentista ne da Pavla.

Come già detto sopra in questa pagina noi siamo convinti da esperianza personale diretta che farsi fare i denti a Kromeriz sotto standard dentistici professionali uno riceve materiale di prima qualità (otturazioni, capsule, impianti), sotto mano d'opera e standard di igiene eccezzionali a costi ridicolosamente economici se paragonati al Italia.

E si ha anche la bella sensazione che per una volta non si ha contribuito ad un set nuovo di gomme per la Porsche di qualche dentista Italiano, Tedesco o Olandese.

Inoltre è un nostro piccolo modo di portare visitatori internazionali alla bellissima cittadina di Kromeriz.
La giunta comunale locale non eccede in bravura in questo senso.

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